Thank you for all of your orders and pre-orders! Loon Whistles are sold out for 2020.

Looking for Loons?

Thanks for visiting. We have taken the Loon Whistles down again, every time we think we're getting caught up, you swamp us again! So if you managed to order in January, we're working on those and shipping has already begun. If you're looking to order one, please check back in the spring and hopefully we'll be ready to put them back up again.

We do new ornaments to share- check out the Chicken & Egg ornaments and have some other surprises coming soon.

Stay healthy and safe!

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Welcome to Wayne Village Pottery

Handmade from Maine Blue Clay


Our Story

At Wayne Village Pottery, that lovely stuff known as Maine “blue” clay is dug out of our back field. The early redware potters also used this kind of clay, and we enjoy following their tradition of creating handmade pottery which is useful, affordable and decorative.

We started making ornaments and sculptures for our Holiday Open House. The ornaments consist of an array of local birds, beasts and critters; the inspiration for each ornament typically comes from some sort of encounter we have had during the year.

Meet Molly Saunders, Founding Potter

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